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Who's Who in the Parish





Retired Clergy


The Very Rev Houston McKelvey

Canon Brian Johnston


Select Vestry



People's C/W
Hon Secretary

Lilian Davis

Rector's C/W

Sandy Reynolds



People's G/W

Cecil McLaughlin

Rector's G/W

Tommy Oliver

People's (Supplemental) G/W
& Select Vestry

Stewart Morrell

Rector's (Supplemental) G/W
& Select Vestry

Gordon Kennedy

Other Select Vestry Members


Kenny McAfee

Pearl Mullan

Parish Admin Assistant

    Janet Kennedy    

Website Admin

Alfie Hunter

Shirley Baird

Ivan Doherty

Florence Logan

Russell Kennedy


Sylvia Kennedy

Bobby Madden


Others in the Parish Team

Diocesan Reader
Parish Recorder

Harry Caskey

Organist and Choir Leader

Erin Teacy

Parish Reader
Parish Administrative Coordinator

Lorna Doherty

Health & Safety

Kenny Campbell

Diocesan Synod Representatives      Garry Anderson, Bobby Madden
 (Supplemental Representatives)     (Shirley Baird, Russell Kennedy)

Parochial Nominators                         Tommy Oliver, Gordon Kennedy, Russell Kennedy, Bobby Madden
(Supplemental Nominators)             (Janet Kennedy, Garry Anderson, Lorna Doherty, Shirley Baird)

Ministry To Children

Lynne Ballentine

Sunday Club Team
Clara Heaton
Laura Hutchinson
Isobel McAfee

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