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Walworth Garden Open Day in Ballykelly
for St Mary’s Church in Macosquin

Sunday 31st May 2015

Largely  in response to the publicity given by local papers ,announcements on radio and the effective roadside signs created by ‘ Limavady Printing Company,’ hundreds travelled  considerable distances to Walworth Gardens in Ballykelly which were open to the public last Sunday afternoon. They did so, despite the intermittent showers, to support the parishioners of St Mary’s Church in Macosquin who have been working tirelessly since the beginning of this year to raise more than £60,000 to replace the roof of their 400 year old church.  

The Rector, Canon Mike Roemmele said that the event was a tremendous success in the way that it brought people together, not only his parishioners, but also members of other churches and the wider community.  Friendships were formed or renewed  throughout the afternoon as people met and enjoyed each other’s company  and the activities which were held in such wonderful surroundings .
It was a major undertaking for a small country parish, but it was also an event at which those who attended  and made generous donations to  the Church Roof Fund, or who like so many of his parishioners, helped in countless ways both on the day, and for several weeks before, all demonstrated  their love of God and  their good will for Christ’s church in Macosquin.

The site on which St Mary’s stands  has been a place of Christian worship and ministry since  Cistercian monks built an abbey on it in the 12th century .  The efforts of the congregation and the  massive response to last Sunday’s afternoon in Walworth Gardens testify  to  the present spiritual health of the parish and  to the hopes of many others for the future well-being of that church.   
The Select Vestry and the congregation are  profoundly grateful  to the people who supported  the event and especially to Mrs Noreen Brown for  her  generosity in opening her beautiful  gardens  to the public for this cause.  They also thank the people who brought Vintage cars to display  and  the various  music Groups including the  ‘Brassnecks,’  the ‘JazzLite Band’, and not least  the talented church choir,  all of whose musical  contributions were highly acclaimed  as  highlights of the afternoon.

Photos courtesy of Davis Photography

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