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The Parish Vision

Transforming Community Radiating Christ

The Parish has been committed to the Diocesan programme for growth and renewal since 2009.
Our Parish Development team has identified clear objectives which include making best use of our buildings and other resources, engaging with other churches and the wider community, and improving our outreach to individuals and families who have little  or no connection with the church.

With the three principles of the programme constantly in mind we seek growth, we work in teams and we encourage leaders. We continue to expand our interest in and concern for those around us, as we seek to be ‘The church in the community,’ serving Christ within the parish and wider area. We work alongside the Macosquin Village Community Association and other agencies including Macosquin Primary School, which was once a church school, and in which the Rector and Mrs Bertha Madden play  a continuing role as Transferors’ Representatives on the Board of Governors.

The transformation has been remarkable; the number of children who are actively involved in the church has doubled, adult attendance has increased, and far from being a ‘dying church’ the average age of our worshippers has decreased noticeably.  There is a great warmth of fellowship in church services and in our other activities. Some people even claim that the church has become their ‘second home’. We now plan to consult with parents of teenagers and develop their ideas to make  our worship and parish life more teenage friendly, so that they will also feel the church is their spiritual home .

Using The Diocesan £1,000 ‘Gift for Growth’ one of our 2011 objectives was to launch this website, and another to engage with as many people as possible in a project, based on the ‘Parable of the Talents,’ in which 10 people  were given a £25 starter,  ostensibly to raise money for an improved church amplification system for the church, but primarily to awaken  awareness in others who become involved of how our members are active in the life of the church and our best ambassadors for Christ.

We wish them success as they face the double challenge of making their money grow, and  planting spiritual seeds which may grow even more abundantly in God’s field.

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