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St Mary’s Church,  Macosquin

Parish of Camus-juxta-Bann

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   Summer Magazine 2017

Rector’s Reflection
Whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord. So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God.  Col. 3:17
Most of us remember a time when people wore a suit or smart clothes to go to church. We were taught that wearing one’s ‘Sunday Best’ was a pre-requisite for church attendance, but some people who possessed few smart clothes felt uncomfortable, and embarrassed in the company of others who had a better wardrobe.  Thankfully those days are long past. People today are rightly aware that it is not what is on the outside that matters to God, but rather, what is on the inside.  ‘Come as you are,’ is today’s dress code.  Jeans and T-shirts are very acceptable in God’s house.  

The only thing that really matters is what is in our heart . We must concentrate on giving the very best we can offer God in our worship.  Indeed, the word ‘worship’ means WORTH SHIP.   How we worship during a church service expresses how much God is really worth to us, and our love for him.  Nothing less than the best we can offer is ever good enough.   But what does that actually mean in practice?  

If you come to church, and have a particular role to perform, whether on the refreshment rota, or assisting the churchwardens as a Sidesperson, or as a Sunday Club leader,   put your heart and soul into everything you do.  Prepare yourself beforehand and come in good time to carry out the various duties required of you .

If you are in the choir, practise the music and mark the hymns in your hymn book before the service begins. If you are reading a lesson, or leading prayers, rehearse the passages that you will read,   so that you are familiar with the text, know how to pronounce any difficult words, and are able to read it fluently and with dignity  in a way that expresses   the meaning. Make your way to the lectern in good time and be ready to begin, so that the flow of the service is not interrupted.   

There is good guidance in the saying, ‘When you come to church, speak to God; during the service, listen to God; after the service, speak to one another.’
The church is God’s house   .and he is worthy of the best reverence we can offer him.
This verse of a well-known hymn, expresses it very well, ‘A servant with this clause makes drudgery divine; who sweeps a room, as for thy laws, makes that and the action fine.’  Some people give time and effort  to keep the church clean and tidy. Others enhance its beauty and express their love of God with the flowers  they arrange prayerfully to glorify him.  Above all, the church is a house of prayer. The saying‘Silence is golden’ is especially true in worship. Yet, often before a service, or as people  receive communion, we are so distracted by the chatter and activity around us, that it can be almost impossible to pray, or to hear the still small voice of God .
When you are in church,   ‘Be still in the presence of the Lord, the Holy One is here.’

Mike Roemmele

George Blair Memorial Lecture - Martin Luther and the Reformation
2017 is a very significant year for many Christians of the reformed and protestant traditions. It was exactly 500 years ago that Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of Wittenberg Cathedral, protesting about a number of practices of the church in the 16th Century,  which he regarded as distortions of Biblical teaching.
This was the spark which kindled the flame of the Reformation.  

In November the Venerable David Huss, the Archdeacon of Raphoe will come to Macosquin to speak about the Biblical principles of Martin Luther, many of which are fundamental to the teaching and practice of the Church of Ireland.  This talk during the season of Remembrance, will also be a memorial to the late George Blair, whose reformed faith and military service were hallmarks of his life.

Christian Aid Week Collection and Big Breakfast
Thank you and well done to the people who supported Janet Kennedy’s church and house to house collection and the Big Brekafast in Macosquin during Christian Aid Week. The total raised was £1747.38, including Gift Aid recoverable. The plight of millions of desperate people and starving children in Somalia and other parts of East Africa, and of countless refugees world-wide is heart-breaking. We are grateful to everyone who donated to the appeal. The Big Breakfast in the Minor Hall, brought in £830.00 of the total. That generous response will help to relieve terrible suffering.
Concert in aid of the British Heart Foundation Wednesday 7th June  
Once again we thank Kenny Campbell for organising this event for a very worthy cause which is dear to his heart.  Like most parishes we have a considerable number of church members who have benefited from the huge advances which have been made in the treatment of heart disease in recent years. Kenny is one of them.
The money raised by such events goes towards further medical research.

Defibrillator for Macosquin
Members of the church who took part in a recent First Aid training course, organised by Macosquin Village Community Association learned how immediate treatment with a defibrillator of  someone who has had a sudden cardiac arrest (heart attack),  can save that person’s life.  
Some churches in other Dioceses have worked with community organisations to purchase Public Access Defribrillators which are now always immediately available.
By telephoning 999 a caller is given a code to release the machine from its cabinet and instructions on its use,  prior to the arrival of an ambulance. The total cost would be about £1,500. This would be a very worthwhile, and potentially life-saving project for our church and other groups in the Macosquin community.

St.  Mary’s Macosquin  -  A Church for all Ages

Children’s Day Service Sunday 11th June
This All-age service in the Upper Hall celebrated the end of the Sunday Club year which began with a similar service and also included a Parish lunch.   
We are immensely grateful to our Sunday Club leaders who give generously of their time throughout the year to nurture the faith of our children.
We also thank   the parents and other members of the church who contributed to the Prizegiving and the cost of the Sunday Club Outing to Portrush, the next Saturday.

Ministry to Children and Teenagers
At the first meeting of the new Select Vestry, Martin Montgomery, the Diocesan Youth Officer outlined the various activities and resources which are helping churches to develop their ministry   to children and teenagers in other parishes of our Diocese.  This is an area of our church’s mission which we need to develop in this parish, by investing energy, time and resources and Martin has offered to help us.
Mrs McElwee, the Principal of Macosquin Primary School will also support any new ventures which include the school children.  

Paul Meikle is the County Commissioner for Scouts and he is keen to explore the possibility of establishing Scouting in Macosquin for boys and girls of all ages. If this is to happen we will need help from parents and adult members of  local churches.

Ministry to Teenagers  -  ‘On the move’
This Diocesan summer holiday Activity Week for teenagers will be held in Eglinton from 5th - 9th July. At a total cost of only £20 which covers food, accommodation and transport it is exceptionally good value.
It is always a packed programme and very good fun, not only for the young people who take part, but also for the parish which hosts them.  It is a great opportunity to bring teenagers from different parishes together and to build friendships which can be developed through subsequent events.

Another teenage activity
James Campbell is a university student and an enthusiastic dinghy sailor. He has kindly offered to give teenagers an opportunity to enjoy his hobby during the summer holidays. Anyone interested should get in touch with the Rector as soon as possible.

Ministry to adults of all ages

There is a widely held belief that active members of the church are mostly old people and recent UK census figures show that the number of elderly newcomers who are joining churches is growing.  They are finding that regular worship and the fellowship they experience in a church community become increasingly meaningful and important to them in their later years. This is a good news story and is certainly true of our church in Macosquin, where we have been joined by a number of couples who have moved to the area from other parts of Northern Ireland to be closer to their children and grandchildren. These new-comers have been made very welcome in our worship and also in our social and recreational parish activities, many of which focus on the interests of people who are retired, and who have time to enjoy a variety of leisure activities.  

However, we are very conscious that in our congregation there are much younger adults who are also regular worshippers, and whose interests, or needs are very different.  We have now begun a series of meetings with people in their 20s - 40s.  Most lead very busy lives; often leaving home early in the mornings and travelling long distances to work.
Many have children in Primary or Secondary school and few have much time for leisure interests.  We want to give them opportunities to tell us how they think the church could play a greater part in their spiritual lives, and the kind of activities we could offer which would meet their needs and enrich their family life.

Parish Finance Team
Our Parish Finance Team has begun working on behalf of the Select Vestry to assist the Treasurer in preparing budgets to help  us  plan for the future needs of the church and the on-going development of our mission and ministry. It will also  help the Select Vestry with the preparation and on-line submission of our annual  Accounts to the Northern Ireland Charities Commission .
During the summer, the Finance Team will prepare leaflets which will explain the October Diocesan Stewardship Review programme to parishioners.  These will show our present  annual income and expenditure, and future forecasts,   the running costs of the Diocese and how our parish contribution to Diocesan Funds meets our share of that expense.  Bobby Madden will play a key role in the Finance Team as coordinator of  the Parish Stewardship Programme, ‘Abundant living, Cheerful Giving.’

Withdrawal and replacement of the present £1 coin
In October the familiar £1 coin will cease to be legal tender and a new coin will replace it. Don’t be caught out.  Check through pockets of clothes in the wardrobe, down the side of chairs, old handbags and the children’s pocket money in piggy banks. Convert your old coins to new ones, and please don’t put any which have become worthless in the church collection.

Mothers’ Union 130th Anniversary  -  Diocesan and Local Events
During March the Bishop and Diocesan Mothers’ Union  President, Mary Good, hosted 5 dinners in different parts of the Diocese to celebrate the 130th Anniversary of the Mothers’ Union in Ireland.

We were well represented at the dinner which was attended by 170 Members in Maghera.  Among other notable recent Diocesan events was the MU Pilgrims’ Way service in the Diocesan Cathedral on Saturday 13th  May,. This was followed by a  walk of the city walls and a reception for the World President of the Mothers’ Union at the Guild Hall in Londonderry. Members of more than 40 branches in our diocese took part.

Mrs Good, the Diocesan President, wants to share her vision for a Mothers’ Union which is appealing to a younger generation.  She is planning an informal evening in the See House for women aged 25 - 40 who are not already members .  

This year’s Diocesan Festival Service will be held in Camus-juxta-Mourne Parish Church, Strabane on 20th September at 8.00pm.    Photographs of past MU events in different parishes will be displayed on the night.  There are also plans to publish a commemorative  book of members’ stories which tell  how the Mothers Union has made a difference to their lives, or  played an influential role in  the life of their parish.

Mothers’ Union Notes continued - Recent Branch  meetings
16th  May   'Faith in Action in the Salvation Army' Major Jane-Marie Cook and her husband spoke of the challenges of  reviving the mission of the Salvation Army in Coleraine and Ballymoney,  as they seek to fulfill the vision of General Booth, and to live by  faith in their work for Christ, and glorify God, by serving the community.

Summer Outing
On Saturday 11th June members of the Macosquin Branch enjoyed a tour of the Garden of the Manor House in Eglinton as guests of Mr and Mrs Davidson, before visiting the Dungiven Presbyterian Church ‘Talents and Trades’ Flower Festival.

Future Mothers’ Union  Branch events
2nd August (Wed) 2.00pm Mary Sumner Day Service at The  See House Quiet Garden

19th September -  Inaugural meeting   Holy Communion Service in Church
Afterwards Members will talk about  Faith Memorabilia brought from their holidays.

Parish Summer Activities
Every summer we try to offer a variety of enjoyable social activities which appeal to all ages.  On fine afternoons we have arranged  picnic afternoon teas in the Allotment Area.  

We have also enjoyed trips to the Temple Springs Fishery near Garvagh, sandcastle building expeditions with a barbecue tea on Castlerock Beach,  and  Sunday afternoon parish walks.   

We plan to repeat some of these during the school  summer holidays this year.
We would also welcome suggestions for other activities that people might enjoy.
We will advertise events and the dates on the Church foyer Notice Board.

Please support these activities.  They are always enjoyable. Add your name to any  that you would like to take part in.  It will help us to  plan  shared transport and catering.  

Going on Holiday this Summer?
Visit another church and experience the joy of worshipping somewhere else.
Take a copy of our Parish magazine,  or recent Pew News sheet with you and bring one back from a church you have visited.
The experience of worshipping with another congregation is enriching, as is meeting  people who play different roles in a different  church. You may even come back with ideas which would help us build on what we do in Macosquin.  There are churches everywhere and you will be richly blessed by such visits.

Ordination to the Diaconate of  Dr Ian Mills
Ian will be ordained Deacon in Antrim Parish Church on Thursday 24th August, the Feast of St Bartholomew,  and will begin his ministry as a Deacon intern in the Parish of Agherton, Portstewart.   

Please pray for him and for others who will be ordained this summer,  as they  prepare for this important event in their life.  

Members of the congregation who would like to attend Ian’s ordination service are asked to add their names to the list on the church foyer notice board     

Mid-week Services and prayers for the sick
Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up.
                                                                                    James 5: 13-16
Praying  for the sick has  always been a fundamental part of the church’s ministry.  Every Wednesday, for a month at a time,  during the 10.00am Communion Service, we remember in prayer by their Christian name, people   who have particular needs.

If you know of an individual who  you would like us to include in our prayers please add his ,or her name to the list on the prayer desk beside the font at the church door.   
You might also  light a prayer candle whenever you come to church  as a symbol of your own prayers for someone who is sick, bereaved, or who has some other  need.

Pastoral Ministry
One of the primary responsibilities of every rector is to visit, and pray with  parishioners who are ill at home or in hospital. Often those visits include a very short service of Holy Communion.  In many parishes like our own, much of this pastoral ministry is  shared with a few carefully chosen and commissioned members of the laity who make regular visits on behalf of the church to  elderly, infirm,  and housebound parishioners. The visits are discreet and conversations are always  confidential.

Pearl Mullen coordinates our team of pastoral visitors and the people who receive visits are very appreciative. However,  clergy are not telepathic, if no-one tells them   that someone  is sick or in hospital, it is unlikely that  person will be visited, either by the rector or by  the pastoral visitors.

Whenever you are made aware of a parishioner  who is ill, whether at home or in hospital,  please inform the Rector,  or Lorna Doherty .

Material for the Parish Magazine
Please help us to improve our quarterly Parish Magazine.
The Rector would welcome and appreciate your ideas and your suggestions
The best Parish Magazines are filled with recent news and are very informative.
They are also well illustrated and laid out in an attractive way,  which makes them  enjoyable and easy to read.
We will always be grateful for photographs of recent church activities you have attended, or taken part in. We would also like to promote all the events which are being planned for the next few months in the Magazine, on our Website,  our Facebook page,  and in our weekly Pew News Sheet.

Have you a faith story that you would like to tell others, a memory of this church  or another you want to share?  Is there somebody in the congregation who you might like to know more about in a short article?  

What kind of articles would  you enjoy reading?  Would you be willing to help with the production of future issues of the magazine  by writing  some of the material, or by contributing to a Children’s Page? All suggestions and contributions will be welcome.

Church Choir News
Throughout our mid-week services in Lent,  Holy Week and on Easter Day   Erin (our organist) and the choir supported our worship magnificently with appropriate hymns, many of which were new to them.  The anthem on Easter Day was a truly magnificent   climax to their inspiring music of the previous seven weeks. Many thanks to them all.

Harvest Thanksgiving Sunday 1st October
The Lord’s Prayer teaches us to pray for our daily bread, but it  is also spiritually important that we   thank God each day for providing our most basic needs.  The church’s celebration of  Harvest every Autumn takes our thanksgiving to a higher level.  It  is  an opportunity for us to acknowledge our corporate dependence upon a faithful God, who created a fertile earth,   and  the many people  who are his co-workers in the production and distribution of the food which sustains the whole community.
The decoration of the church, like the music and many other aspects of a Harvest Thanksgiving service   are offerings of corporate thanks for the  abundant daily blessings which God provides throughout the year, and our offerings are pledges of  our commitment to share that abundance with others who have very little.  
At Harvest time and throughout October, as a church we express our gratitude to God through our donations to the Church of Ireland Bishop’s Appeal Fund.

The 2017 -2018 Senior Citizens’ Lunches
The new session begins on Wednesday 4th October and with a short break over the Christmas period will continue until March.
Over the summer,  menus will be chosen and speakers invited. Suggestions for both will be very welcome.

We would also be grateful to hear of any people who might be willing to join our team of volunteer cooks s and other helpers, to assist us on one or more Wednesdays each month from October - March.   The craic and camaraderie in the kitchen are always great.  Please speak with the Rector.

Food Hygiene Certification

Alice MacAlary has kindly agreed to hold a single session training review for the people who assist with preparing and serving Funeral Teas, Senior Citizens’ lunches and other catering events. We will shortly be advertising the date and names of participants on the Church Foyer Noticeboard .   All volunteers should check and confirm that their  names are  included on the list.

Select Vestry Current  Issues
The condition of the storage heaters and some other electrical fittings has  concerned the Select Vestry for some time. These are currently being inspected and any that are faulty will be repaired or replaced. We are grateful to Sandy Reynolds and Alfie Hunter who recently fitted two new LED floodlights behind the church as part of this project

Graveyard Maintenance
We are very fortunate to have a team of volunteers  who cut the graveyard grass during the summer months. We are able to dispose of the grass cuttings and wilted floral tributes in the local Borough Council composting depot,  at no cost to the church.

However, despite the graveyard notices,  some parishioners do not seem to be aware that the council rejects any bags of grass if they contain plastic flower pots,  or cellophane wrappings  which have been put into the wheel barrow behind the church.

Once again we appeal to all our graveyard visitors. When you bring floral tributes in pots,  wreaths, arrangements in blocks of oasis, and any flowers wrapped in cellophane, please take away artificial flowers, containers, wrappings, to  dispose of them at home.

Annual General Vestry Appointments on 6th April 2017

Rector’s Churchwarden.......................Sandy Reynolds

People’s Churchwarden...........................Lilian Davis

Rector’s  Glebe Warden............................Victor Mairs

People’s  Glebe Warden............................Stuart Morrell

Rector’s Supplemental  Glebe Warden......Tommy Oliver

People’s Supplemental Glebe Warden........Cecil McLaughlin

Select Vestry Members
                                       The Rector
                  Both Churchwardens and  Both Glebewardens
Garry Anderson           Kenny Campbell           Lorna Doherty
Alfie Hunter                Gordon Kennedy          Janet Kennedy
Russell Kennedy          Florence Logan            Bobby Madden
Cecil McLaughlin          Kenneth McAfee          Tommy Oliver

Diocesan Synod Representatives
Garry Anderson               Bobby Madden

Supplemental Synod Representatives
Shirley Baird                    Russell Kennedy

Parochial Nominators
Gordon Kennedy               Russell Kennedy
Bobby Madden                 Tommy Oliver

Supplemental Nominators
Garry Anderson                     Shirley Baird
Lorna Doherty                       Janet Kennedy

Select Vestry Appointments at a meeting held on 25th April
Parish Secretary...... Lilian Davis   Parish Treasurer......Kenny McAfee
Parish Administration...Lorna Doherty,   Janet Kennedy
Stewardship Programme Co-ordinator... Bobby Madden

Children's Page

1 What was the first thing that God created?
2 Which day did God create plants?
3 What was the boat Noah built called?
4 How many of each type of animal did Noah have on the ark?
5 What is the symbol of God's promise to Noah?

6 Who received the 10 commandments from God?
7 What are we told to do in the fifth commandment?
8 What was the name of Moses' brother?
9 What food do we ask God to give us in the Lord's prayer?
10 People look on the outward appearance, but what does God look on?

11 His father gave him a coat of many colours.
12 Who was thrown into a lions' den by King Darius?  
(This person prayed to God three times a day.)
13 This young boy defeated a giant.
14 This prophet was swallowed by a fish.
15 What animal was often used for transportation in the Bible?

16 Who was the Son of God?
17 What was the name of Jesus' mother?
18 What did Jesus' father do for a job?
19 Jesus told a parable about a prodigal _____.
20 What is the shortest verse in the Bible?

21 How many disciples or apostles did Jesus have?
22 Which of the apostles betrayed Jesus?
23 What is another name for the ‘Blessed are...’ sayings of Jesus?
24 What did Jesus feed to 5,000 people?
25 What was the name of the Sea where Jesus calmed a storm?

How much do you know about the Church of Ireland?
The Church of Ireland has around 375,400 members – 249,000 in Northern Ireland and 126,400 in the Republic of Ireland.  

Our history is the story of almost 1,600 years of Christian worship and witness in Ireland.

The Celtic Church, which emerged in Ireland following the mission of St Patrick in the 5th century, is still recognised as the source of the modern Church of Ireland.  
A strong diocesan and parochial structure has existed for almost 1,000 years.

The Celtic Church is still recognised as the source of the modern Church of Ireland
The Reformation in the 16th century stressed the importance of the individual’s relationship with God and re-focused the Church on its biblical foundation.

The Disestablishment of the Church of Ireland, in 1871, led to the creation of its current structures.  A new General Synod replaced Parliament as the legislative body responsible for the rules governing the Church and the Representative Church Body was incorporated as the trustee body for the Church.

The Church maintained its unity following the partition of Ireland in the 1920s and  serves its membership and wider society across the island’s two political jurisdictions.

Our Structures
The Church of Ireland believes in the equality, within the Body of Christ, of all the baptised.  All have a distinctive task or vocation to fulfil and authority in the Church is entrusted to and exercised on behalf of the whole body.

Every lay member of the Church who is aged 18 or older is entitled to be registered as a member of the general vestry of their parish.

The general vestry elects the select vestry, which is responsible for parish finances and the care of its property.  A select vestry includes church wardens who have many responsibilities (including order during church services) and glebe wardens (responsible for care and management of church property and land).

Each diocese is overseen by a diocesan synod consisting of the Bishop, the clergy and lay representatives from each parish.  The Church of Ireland comprises twelve dioceses, which are grouped within two provinces – each led by an Archbishop.  

To learn more about our Church,  visit the Church of Ireland website

Parish Personality  - William Hutchinson - Member of the Church Choir

William was born in Macosquin one of ten siblings. Sadly, his twin sister died in infancy. Their first home was a stone cottage opposite the Orange Hall. When he was five, they moved to Learden Road. Sixty six children lived in eight of the  ten small houses. People had big families in those days. A regular evening visitor was Hanson Eaton, the village blacksmith, who chewed ‘War Horse’ tobacco.  William’s mother  kept a spittoon for his visits.

With 2 pence per week pocket money  he bought 8 delicious apples for a farthing each from Mrs McSeveney whose orchard was beside the bus stop opposite the Old Rectory.   In the Richardson Memorial School,  he was a contemporary of Gordon Kennedy and both sang in the school choir. There were three staff,   Master  Kane, his wife and Mrs Stewart.  The Principal was a talented pianist and often performed on radio.   As a child, William loved to be outdoors, and  spent hours fishing or messing about  in the burn behind the rectory with friends Jimmy Hutchinson and Tom Moffatt. It was one of the best trout rivers in the country. He has loved fishing ever since and used to go out with Canon Minchin . He was always active as a youngster and as an adult.  He played the flute in the  Macosquin Band, soccer in the local team and badminton in the parish hall.  He was also renowned for his  horseshoe throwing skill. With over 40 competitors, it was  one of the most popular village pastimes for many years.

From his earliest days,  William attended Sunday School and church every week, and as soon as he was old enough to pump the organ bellows, he was either at St Mary’s, or the Baptist church  four times on  Sundays.   To this day he never feels right if he isn’t in church on a Sunday,  and he has always loved singing in the choir

Aged, aged 11 or 12, on his way home from the Intermediate School  he could  earn half a crown,  a small fortune for 3 hours work,  carrying sacks of grain,  or flour for Hugh Logan  at the Corn Mill. Hugh’s son Brian was the same age and they were friendly rivals. William always did a little better at school, but eventually the tide turned;  Brian made a fortune in America and retired a millionaire.  William’s career  was less lucrative, but he was blessed in other ways, by his marriage to Sally, and his children. He started as a mushroom picker. When he was given a Saturday job in the yard by foreman Bobby Downes, he lost a finger in an accident with a water pump. Later he  worked for Kelly coal merchants, and eventually bought his own  lorry and a share of a route. Ever after,  he was known  as ‘William Coal’. The years of heavy work took their toll. He suffered from poor circulation, developed a serious infection,  spent months in the Royal Victoria Hospital  and  eventually lost a leg.  Undaunted, he was determined to recover and the greatest joy of his  life was being able to walk his daughter Venita down the aisle on her wedding day.  13

Children’s Bible Quiz Answers - See how you got on?

1  What was the first thing that God created? LIGHT
2  Which day did God create plants? THIRD
3  What was the boat Noah built called?  AN ARK
4 How many of each type of animal did Noah have on the ark?  TWO
5 What is the symbol of God's promise to Noah? RAINBOW

6 Who received the 10 commandments from God? MOSES
7 What are we told to do in the fifth commandment?
8 What was the name of Moses' brother? AARON
9 What food do we ask God to give us in the Lord's prayer? BREAD
10 People look on outward appearances, but what does God look on? The HEART

11 His father gave him a coat of many colours. JOSEPH
12 Who was thrown into a lions' den by King Darius?
This person prayed to God three times a day. DANIEL
13 This young boy defeated a giant. DAVID
14 This prophet was swallowed by a fish. JONAH
15 What animal was often used for transportation in the Bible?
CAMEL or DONKEY  (either answer is correct)

16 Who was the Son of God?  JESUS
17 What was the name of Jesus' mother? MARY
18 What did Jesus' father do for a job? CARPENTER
19 Jesus told a parable about a prodigal _____.SON
20 What is the shortest verse in the Bible? JESUS WEPT

21 How many disciples or apostles did Jesus have?  TWELVE
22 Which of the apostles betrayed Jesus? JUDAS
23 What is another name for the ‘Blessed are....’ sayings of Jesus?
24 What did  Jesus feed to 5,000 people
25 What was the name of the Sea where Jesus calmed a storm.

Did you do well?

Miscellaneous Parish Information

Church services each month are held as follows:

9.00am Holy Communion every Sunday - followed by a cooked breakfast

10.30am Holy Communion (1st & 3rd Sunday) Morning prayer (2n,,d 4th & 5th  Sunday)
10.30am  Sunday Club in Minor Hall during church services in school term-time.  
We try to make  the services on the 4th  Sunday appealing to families with children

10.00am Holy Communion and prayers for the sick.

The Church is open to visitors every day from 9.00am  - 4.30pm for private prayer

Other parish activities
These are advertised in more detail on the church noticeboard in the entrance foyer and in the weekly Pew Newssheet

10.30am   Mothers and Toddlers - Upper Parish Hall (School term weeks only)

7.30pm Choir Practice ( normally from  September  - Easter)
12.00 - 1.45pm Senior Citizens lunches (October - March)

Mothers’ Union
7.30pm 3rd Tuesday (October - May) in the Minor Hall

Men’s Society
Meetings are held at intervals during the year and there are some enthusiastic golfers  who compete more frequently

Macosquin Women’s Institute 2nd Wednesday 7.30pm in the Minor Hall
Macosquin’s Senior Citizens’ Club   last Wednesday 7.30pm in the Upper Hall

To find out more about our church you can:
Visit our website
Phone the Rector  Canon Mike Roemmele Tel: 07977 239863
Parish Admin Staff - Lorna Doherty 0759 6006839, Janet Kennedy 0776 1112978

When you have finished reading this magazine please give it to a friend or neighbour.

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