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15th July 2020 Notes
Acts 2v42-47 ‘The early church….’   

How to develop serving in a ‘WELL’ church

The early church devoted itself to six ministries – worship, evangelism, loving, learning, prayer and service. Today we’ll consider what it means to be devoted to ‘serving’. We are told in the early church all the believers were together and had everything in common.   They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need.’ (v44,45)

During my years as an ordained minister I have come to realise that people often try to avoid being involved in serving others in the church. Yet, serving God and others brings many blessings. Today we’ll consider why it is blessed to be involved in the ministry of God’s church.

Fulfilment for selfRay Bradbury, the author & screenwriter, insightful said ‘Do what you love, love what you do.’ I’m sure we would all agree with his observation yet many people are unsure how to put the quote into practise. Across the years, I’ve observed the people most fulfilled in their service in God’s church are doing what they enjoy. So how can you know personally what will bring you fulfilment? Below are three aspects for you to consider in answering this important question:

(a) They do what they are passionate about. Firstly, it is important to ask ‘what am I passionate about?’ It could be a people’s group (e.g. pre-school, kids, marriage, seniors etc.), a topic (sport, politics, poverty, homelessness, addictions etc.) or a ministry (worship, prayer, discipleship or pastoring etc.). Christians are fulfilled in their service when they are working at something they are passionate about.

What are you passionate about?

(b) They serve in keeping with their personality. Secondly, the psalmist teaches ‘we are all fearfully and wonderfully made’. We are all unique. In every church people have different personalities such as introverts & extroverts or task orientated & people orientated. Sometimes people can find themselves serving in a ministry that although they are passionate about it they are uncomfortable or frustrated in what they are doing. I’ve learnt that an introvert doing an extrovert’s ministry finds it uncomfortable and an extravert doing an introvert’s ministry is frustrated. Christians are fulfilled in their service when they are working at something that’s fits well with their personality.

What is your personality? (Introvert/extrovert, task/people orientated)

(c) Thirdly, the bible teaches us that God gives his followers spiritual gifts (they are listed below). We are told that the purpose God gives his church these gifts was ‘to build up one another.’ Every Christians has some of the gifts listed below.                                                                                              

1. ADMINISTRATION: The ability to help steer the church, or a ministry, toward the successful completion of God-given goals, with skills in planning, organization, and supervision.
2. APOSTLE: A person sent to new places with the gospel. You may have heard of missionaries going to different countries to help spread the Word; they could be described as apostles. An apostle can also provide leadership to other churches or ministries and offer advice on spiritual matters.
3. DISCERNMENT: The wisdom to recognize truth from untruth by correctly evaluating whether a behaviour or teaching is from God or another, ungodly source.
4. EVANGELISM: The ability to successfully communicate the message of the gospel, especially to nonbelievers.
5. EXHORTATION: Competence in offering encouragement, comfort, and support to help someone be all that God wants them to be.
6. FAITH: People with this gift have such great confidence in the power and promises of God that they can stand strong in their belief, no matter what may try to shake them. They can also stand up for the church and for their faith in such a way as to defend and move it forward.
GIVING: Those who have this gift are particularly willing and able to share what resources they have with pleasure, and without the need to see them returned.
8. HEALING: A capability used by God to restore others, be that physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.
9. HELPS: Someone with this gift is able to support or assist members of the body of Christ so that they may be free to minister to others.
10. HOSPITALITY: A natural ability to make people even strangers feel welcome in one’s own home or church as a means to disciple or serve them.
11. KNOWLEDGE: This is the gift of someone who actively pursues knowledge of the Bible. This person also enjoys analysing biblical truths.
12. LEADERSHIP: This gift marks a person who is able to stand before a church, to direct the body with care and attention, and to motivate them toward achieving the church’s goals.
MERCY: This is the defining trait of a person with great sensitivity for those who are suffering. It manifests itself in offering compassion and encouragement, and in a love for giving practical help to someone in need.
14. PROPHECY: The ability to speak the message of God to others. This sometimes involves foresight or visions of what is to come. This skill should be used only to offer encouragement or warning.
15. SERVING:  A talent for identifying tasks needed for the body of Christ and using available resources to get the job done.
16. SPEAKING IN TONGUES: The supernatural ability to speak in another language (one that has not been learned).
17. TEACHING: The skill to teach from the Bible and communicate it effectively for the understanding and spiritual growth of others.
18. WISDOM: The gift of being able to sort through facts and data to discover what needs to be done for the church

Christians are fulfilled in their service when they are using the gifts God has given them to build the other church members.

What gifts do you believe God has given you to build up the church?

When Christians are ministering in an area they are passionate about, in a way that matches their personality and using their God given gifts they will find fulfilment in what they are doing.

(2) Friendship with others – it is good to find fulfilment for oneself but it is also important to realise we are meant to work alongside others. The best way to get to know someone is to work alongside him/her. We were all made to be relational. As you serve together with people with similar passions, personalities and gifts you achieve more, get to know the people better and make new/deeper friendships.

What friendships have you made as you’ve served God in our church?

(3) Fellowship with God – God is at work in the work, our country, community and church. God also has a plan for your life and His intention was for his church to participate in what He is doing.  In Romans 12 v 1 Paul encourages the church ‘I urge you... in view of God’s mercy to offer your bodies as holy and pleasing to God.’ Some people mistakenly think that making time to serve brings another burden in life and is to be avoided. However the reality is that when we follow God’s plans our Christian faith becomes more amazing and exciting. We see God working through us, blessing us and building up the church.

How has your faith been strengthened as you have served God?

I will be on annual leave until 6 th August. Please take sometime in the next three weeks to read over the notes from the previous weeks on how we can be a ‘WELL’ church.  

For the Sundays 19 th July, 26 th July & 2 nd August there will be no Facebook message but each Sunday there will service & sermon outline on the church website.

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