Harvest 2011 - Camus-Juxta-Bann

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Harvest Service 2011

Sunday Club children who were in the procession of gifts at Sunday's service
with the harvest loaf and  flagon of wine

In his sermon to the adults and in his address to the children Bishop Mehaffey spoke of  the little things and little people, who often seem to have little value,  making an important contribution  when they are offered or used in the service of God.  He also emphasised the importance of  people working together, and that each member can play as vital a part in the ministry and mission of the church as every player of  a rugby team in an international match.  

A very full thanksgiving service included
the baptism of Charlotte White

The service was attended by many visitors and people whose lives have been enriched by the church's 'Transforming Community Radiating Christ' programme for growth since it was launched three years ago.

The Bishop also dedicated the Parish Website and the new amplification system with the following prayer:
"We dedicate the amplification system and website of  this parish to the glory of God and for his service, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. May they be instruments to spread God's word in and beyond Camus-juxta-Bann, sowing seeds of faith that will grow and bring forth a great harvest for his kingdom. Amen."

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