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‘How shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard, and how shall they hear without a preacher?’  Romans 10:14
Our aims were to develop practical and effective means to improve the way we spread the Good News of the Gospel, telling others what God is doing in Macosquin, and to help people to hear what God is saying to them in our church.   

Using the £1,000 Diocesan Gift for Growth
IN 2011 every parish in the Diocese of Derry and Raphoe received  a gift of £1,000 to use in  projects of their own choosing to promote Growth.

The Camus-juxta-Bann Parish Development Team decided:

  • To create a Parish Website which would become a tool for evangelism and outreach, accessible to our parishioners and  others throughout the world.

  • To upgrade the amplification in our church, helping those who could not hear before, listen to the  readings, sermon and prayers in our worship.


Jesus told a story about a business man who went on a journey and entrusted  his money  to his servants before he left.
When he returned he found that two of them had invested the money  he had entrusted to them  wisely and  it had grown, the third had buried it for safety and there had been no growth.  
He rewarded the first two, the third he dismissed. (Matthew 25, Luke 19)

It was a story with an important and valuable message for us!
We  re-enacted ‘The Parable of the Talents,’ with part of the £1,000 Diocesan Gift for Growth.

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