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Church Roof Repair

Work nearing completion

A Good Job well Done
St Mary’s new roof is complete and the last ridge tile is in place.  With only guttering and down pipes to fit this week before the scaffolding is dismantled,  the project which has generated a huge amount of effort and fund-raising in the Parish since the beginning of 2015 is now coming to an end.  It is a great achievement for the small parish, and a tribute to the generosity and loyalty of parishioners and the good will of many more friends and well-wishers, who between them have raised almost £35,000 towards the cost.
The final funding effort will be a Celebration Supper Dance in the Bushtown Hotel on Thursday 8th October.  Tickets will shortly be on sale to the public.  On Sunday 18th October there will be an Evening Service of Celebration and Thanksgiving in the Parish Church. The highly acclaimed Renaissance Chamber Choir from Belfast which helped launch  the Appeal in January has been invited to return and lead the Music;  Bishop Ken Good will give the address. People and charitable bodies who have contributed very generously to this effort will be invited, some of them from distant parts of Ireland, and some from further afield, including one from China!


Previously ....
In the Autumn of 2014, the glebewardens reported that some of the bottom row of tiles on the North west corner of the church roof had slipped into the gutter and the Select Vestry authorised the expenditure of £1,500 for the hire of scaffolding, securing the tiles and the replacement of dilapidated guttering.

This work was carried out in December, when it was discovered by the contractor that the entire felt covering below the tiles had disintegrated and needs to be replaced. The timber work of roof trusses, rafters and laths appear to be in good condition with very little evidence of deterioration in the area which was examined. Because this action had been taken in good time there does not yet appear to have been any serious damage to the building from ingress of water.  

Diocesan Architect Ms Caroline Dickson has made recommendations which include the following.
1. Fitting of insulation above the timber ceiling.
2. Renewal of the roofing felt and of any timbers that may be required
3. Replacement of the concrete tile roof covering with Bangor blue slates, or their equivalent, to reduce the weight on the supporting timbers, and  to be more in keeping with the building and its status as a Grade B listed building
4. Fitting of flashing below the barges at the East and West end of the building
5. Repointing the church tower at least  on the face which abuts the church roof during the re-roofing project.

Recognising that there is likely to be a cost of around £60,000 to carry out this essential work, the Select Vestry is currently obtaining an itemised costing for the project, making applications for grant assistance and planning a programme of fund-raising activities.

The main plank of the fundraising appeal is the "Buy a Slate Appeal". For a £20 donation, donors will receive a numbered slate certificate.

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