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Church Clock

In 1899 the Sinclair family installed a clock in the tower in memory of the late James Sinclair who had passed away in October 1898. James Sinclair had been a member of the congregation for 40 years, Rector’s Churchwarden from 1865 and treasurer from 1870.

In December 1997 the chimes of the Church Clock could be heard again throughout Macosquin for the first time since 1948 thanks to John McAllister. The clock chimes had been silent since 1948 when the bell was removed to be recast. Although the bell had been reinstalled and the clock itself kept time over the intervening 50 years, the striking mechanism had never been replaced and different parts had been taken away or simply lost. Over a couple of years leading up to 1997 John painstakingly spent many long and cold hours up the Church Tower renovating and restoring the old timepiece.

The Clock had always required to be wound on a weekly frequency. The onerous job takes about 15mins and involves wrenching two heavy weights about 20ft up the tower.

Those who have undertaken the responsibility for keeping time in Macosquin include Gordon Kennedy, John McAllister and Brian McAllister.


More recently Nigel McQuilkin has assisted Gordon in clock maintenance. In 2012 they carried out replacement of the steel ropes which support the weights. The clock faces were refurbished by Canavan Clockmakers in July 2016 using funds donated in memory of the late John McAllister.

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