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Choral Evensong at St Mary’s  Macosquin
This event launched the project to replace the church roof. On Sunday evening 1st February the Renaissance Chamber choir from Belfast led a
wonderful Service of ‘ Choral Evensong for Candlemas,’  commemorating the Presentation of the infant Christ in the Temple by Mary and Joseph.  
A  large congregation filled the church and the collection of £1,000 indicated their response to the beauty of the liturgy and music and also the
good will of many who generously contributed to ensure that this  historic place of worship is preserved for future generations. After an earlier
service, members of the congregation took on the challenge of finding 10 friends who might be willing to support the appeal by buying a slate
for £20. They are the first of 100 parishioners and friends of the parish who will be asked to help in this way. Through their efforts
and the generosity of their supporters it is hoped to raise £20,000.  In  the coming months there will be other special services,
led by visiting choirs including Cantemus and several fund-raising events for the church roof.  
A concert, featuring Richie Remo and music by The Stars and Stripes Band will be held
in the Parish Hall on Thursday 9th April.

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